Conversations with Brooks

Tonight, I had to work the Saturday service. Normally, my time is spent making coffee and setting out cookies, then trying to stay busy during the actual service so I don't hear what Toby (our pastor) says. Let me clarify that last statement, I go to church with Clay on Sunday and if I listen to the teaching the night before I am always a line or two ahead so I prefer to just listen at 11:15 along with Clay. Tonight was a special night because I got to look after Brooks Day. Brooks is the 3 (almost 4) year old son of one of our children's pastors. He was having a rough time since his mom had to work so he hung out with me. Probably not the best precedent to set but it was fun for me nonetheless.

As we were playing in the cry room (you know, the room at church with toys and rockers and a tv for moms to watch the service if their kid won't stay quiet) Brooks contently played with toys that are made for kids years younger than he and explained to me that these toys were all easy. As he sat there, the tv played Toby's teaching. We just started a sex series called "The Naked Truth" and I was kinda worried Brooks might pick up on some things that were said. Fortunately, it seemed that Brooks was focused on the "easy toys" until Toby described Adam and Eve and how they were "naked". Never in my life have I seen a kid's head whip around so fast. "Naked!" he exclaimed. "Christy, why were they naked?" Not being a mom myself, I wasn't sure what I should say so I just went with, "Well, it was bath time."

The night was filled with fun conversations and random questions that to a 3 year old seem oh so important. But the best conversations came at the end of the night:

Brooks: Do you have any kids of yours?
Me: No, not yet.
Brooks: But don't you gots a little brother?
Me: Nope, I don't have anything.
Brooks: Is God going to give you some kids?
Me: Maybe one day
Brooks: But not today?

No, Brooks, not today and not for a lot of days. One night with Brooks will keep the "kid need" fulfilled for awhile. Too bad they don't come as almost 4 years olds when you first get them...I could probably deal with that.


26 hours on a van, 3 days in the most beautiful snow ever

Last Saturday, at approximately 5:30 am, I left out the front door of my cozy home on Durango Root Drive. After a quick stop at Sonic for a Java Chiller and about 30 minutes of registration, our group of 25 kids and 6 "adults" were off to Colorado for a few days of winter wonderland. Unfortunately, my wonderland was a 13 hour drive away.

Honestly, I had been dreading this trip for a while. Really, since we canceled the charter bus and decided to take vans to cut down on the costs. However, by some miracle, I got a van full of wonderful kids who were an absolute breeze. Also, 13 hours provides ample time to go through every song on the ipod. As much as I like to pretend I am trendy and cool, I really am not an ipod person. I have had my ipod since 2004 and the last time I updated it (prior to today) was more than 8 months ago. I know this because Fergie's Glamorous is the most current song I could find on it.

On Sunday, we went out to the slopes. Here is what I learned: I am not a snowboarder. I took a lesson. I tried really hard, but I faced the fact very early that I should just ski. On the positive side, my friend Stephanie did a great job learning to snowboard. After trading in my board, I spent the next few days skiing. It was great. The mountain had some really great trails. All of our kids had a great time (even the one who broke his collar bone). I had a great time on the trip, but after another 13 hours on the van, I was more than ready to just spend a few days at home with Clay. Below are some pics of the mountains:

The Bucket List

Perhaps, you have seen the movie, The Bucket List. I haven't seen it, but I hear it is quite good. Apparently, it is quite the inspiration. You see, several weeks ago, while wrapping up another Wednesday night at United, my friend Matt found a lost wallet. After playing a quick game of "Guess what is in the wallet" we found it to contain 1)A toys 'r us gift card 2) 10 pesos 3) A bucket list! The bucket list was created by 2 ninth grade boys. Below are a few of my favs from the list:

4. impact a strangers life for good
10. find joy in our life
11. have sex with a model (I like that this one follows the finding joy in life)
15. do a girl from each continent
19. wear thongs to a chick flick
22. meet George Lopez
27. go to Jerusalem
32. drink a keg of beer together in one night
41. fart while making out
56. beat the heck out of Carlos or Harold

There were many, many more funny ones. Some were a little too much for this blog. Thanks to Matt for making copies of the list before the student came to claim his wallet. Maybe I should start working on my bucket list. I think #1 on my list would be: never let another person see the list.



Okay, so snow is not quite as much fun when you don't have school to get out of, but it is still a pretty exciting event. Weather in Texas is really crazy. On Saturday, I was wearing a t-shirt and flip flops to church. By Wednesday, the flip flops were back in the closet but I could still stand to be outside without a jacket at 7:00 pm. All of that changed Thursday at noon. On Thursdays at work, we usually have a morning meeting and then Emily (Andy's wife) cooks us some AMAZING meal. This Thursday, during the meeting, we could hear the rain pouring down. By the time lunch was finished, it was snowing...and not just a little snow. HUGE flakes were coming down. I tried to finish my work as soon as possible. When I left at 2, the parking lot was completely covered. Normally, it takes under 20 minutes to get home. On Thursday, it took an HOUR. I shouldn't complain though...it took Clay 2.5 hours.

Below are some pics of the dogs enjoying the snow. It was really their first time in snow. Funny, we move to Texas and get snow! From what I hear, the last time it snowed this much I was still a thought in my parents' heads. We ended up getting about 3-4 inches. Unfortunately, by Friday afternoon, it was all gone :(

Bear ate all of the snow off of the door:
And finally, here is a picture of our house:


Happy Birthday Steven!

Today, our good friend Steven turns 25 so a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him. Unfortunately, he is in Birmingham so we are unable to attend any birthday functions he will be having (which reminds me of another year where we did not attend his birthday dinner....)

Anyways, Steven is a very important part of mine and Clay's life. He is pretty much responsible for Clay and I being together. He provided Clay with my phone number after Clay threw it away. He also told Clay about the wonderful world of Penske which provides meal after meal in my house. You see, clearly Steven's birthday is to be celebrated in our house. I should have baked a cake for the occasion but work was very busy today, maybe next year.

To Steven, Clay and I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!