Quick Post

Some quick news on what has been going on:

House-Please keep praying for our house in TN to sell. We thought we had a really good deal this past week. Unfortunately (but probably for the best), it fell through. Hopefully, it will sell very soon as in the next day or two!

The Dogs: Scout is almost potty trained; well, she still has a way to go. She hates her crate but LOVES Bear. Bear likes her for the most part. Siler tries to ignore her and has only seriously tried to eat her 3 times. I promise to post pics once I find that little cord that goes between the camera and the computer. Why is it I always put the cord in a place that I think is the most logical location, yet I can never find it when I need it again???

Well, we have some friends visiting so I better wrap this up.


Two Week Recap

Okay...so I haven't blog in awhile. The truth is a lot has been going on and I have just been lazy. So here is a quick recap of the fun we have been having over the last two weeks:

* Went to Dick's Last Resort for Matt's birthday: Dick's is an extremely crass restaurant but we definitely went with the right group. It was so much fun. I don't think I have ever had so much fun at a birthday dinner. Plus, I got to make the cake and it turned out pretty good (I will post a pic later)

*My dad and Uncle came down for a visit. On Friday night, we went to Lonestar Park (horse track). We sat in what were probably the best seats in the house. Unfortunately, I couldn't pick a winning horse to save my life. It was great seeing my uncle since I had not seen him in almost 2 years. On Saturday, we went back to the track for the Lonestar Derby. The Lonestar Derby is nothing like the show of the Kentucky Derby. Still, it was fun and I hit the Superfecta. A superfecta is when you pick 1st,2nd,3rd, and 4th. I picked my 4th favs and put them in a box (so that they could finish in any order for me to win) Some superfectas pay thousands of dollars, mine paid $10. After the track, we went to a Rangers game. Baseball games bore the heck of me. Thankfully, it wasn't too hot, we had good seats, and the Rangers won.

*We brought Scout home! The big dogs were quite confused by her at first, but now they are really starting to enjoy her. They have figured out how to bite her without hurting her and Scout is learning when to leave them only. I will post some pics of them getting to know each other soon.

Well that about does it. So it doesn't seem like we were all that busy so I guess it was just my laziness that prevented the blogging.