My favorite time of the year

Today, I leave for our student ministry's camp. We are taking 240+ students so I am happy with that I guess. I was hoping to hit 250, but I think we have a good group going. Our church will be meeting up with another group and together will have 450+ students so it should be an AMAZING week.

While I am sad to leave Clay, I really can't wait for camp! It is my first time in 5 years to go to one...I can't believe it had been that long.

Most of my work is done on the front end and in just a few hours we will find out how good my organization skills really. I have a few things to print this morning, but finished all of my pre-camp work at 11:59 last night. Yay for being done the day before!!! okay, so it was 1 minute before the day of, I am still counting it.

I have been working a lot of long nights trying to get everything done and was a little worried I would oversleep this morning. But, like a kid on Christmas, I woke up early. In fact, I dreamt that I was at the office, printing out my files for check-in. Andy (my boss) came in and was saying something about excellence, value and quality work. Then, Stephanie came in and said "You better hurry. Kids will be here in 15 minutes." Finally, Greg said something about how I really needed to get going. Then, I woke up. I half expected the dream to meant I had overslept, but it was still 30 minutes before I ever intended to wake up!

Sorry for such a boring post, but I had to find something to do with that extra thirty minutes. Please be praying this week (thru Wednesday) for the students going. Pray that they will be opening to hearing the message God has intended for them. Also, please pray for our adults going. While camp is always a lot of fun, it can be exhausting for those of us who aren't quite as good at functioning on a few hours of sleep as we used to be. Please pray that our adults would be well rested and that God would truly pour into them this week.

Talk to you when I get back.

ps- sorry for any spelling errors...it is kinda early for me!