I think I can, I think I can...continue repeating

So somehow we are only six days from Christmas which means I really gotta go get Clay's gifts. Yet, my spot on the couch with Clay's old sleeping bag and a little puppy curled up beside me is just so comfortable this morning. 10:24 still counts as morning, right? Just not early morning.

I had such high hopes for today- clean the kitchen, workout, get all the shopping done. So far, I haven't lifted a dish or if we are being real here, brushed my hair. I think if I would just get up right now, I still have enough time to get it all done.

See friends, this is why I can't have a kid-I get zero done and have no one else to take care of but myself. My mom friends do like a thousand things with kiddos dressed in mostly clean clothes and attached to them at the hip or leg or wherever their little hands can grab onto.

Sorry this post is a little boring but I am hoping it provides me with the motivation to get going on my 3 item to do list. okay, here I go...

p.s. hi Uncle Wally....so glad you found my blog!