The Inaugural Blog Entry

This is our first blog entry...you know the one where you make promises to keep your blog updated all the time and not be one of those people who starts a blog only to go weeks on end without adding anything new....we are making no such promises.

Hopefully, we will be able to update this page often with pictures and tales of all of the exciting things happening in Texas. Unfortunately, for that to happen, some exciting stuff will actually need to take place. Clay and I are about three months into our new life in Texas. We miss Tennessee a lot but are starting to feel like this is home. In the coming days, I will hopefully get a chance to post some pictures of our new house. We still have a few rooms to paint and some decorating to do.

I was suppose to start this blog as soon as we moved down here, but of course, I did not. I am pretty sure there was a time in my life when I wasn't a procrastinator. Somewhere along the way, I have turned into the slacker I secretly admired in high school. Since I didn't start this blog at the beginning of our journey, here is a quick summary of what Clay and I have learned about Texas:

1. We thought Tennessee fans were unrealistic about sports, but compared to Cowboy fans, they are sane, rational people. Down here, Tony Romo is a better quarterback than Tom Brady unless his girlfriend gets in the way and I am pretty sure there are a few people who think there is still a way the 'Boys (as they are lovingly referred to) are still going to play in the Super Bowl.

2. People love Texas. Apparently, it is the best state in the union. To show their adoration, people put up Texas stars everywhere....on the front door, in each room of the house, and most importantly above your child's bed so that the god of Texas will watch over your child as he/she rests. Clay and I have made a vow to never turn into such people. The day one of us brings home a star to hang in our home is the last day we live in Texas.

3. Wind sucks. It is funny how when you take away all of the trees and mountains a place can be really windy. Although our friends who have lived in west Texas tell us that what we call windy is really a slight breeze compared to what they are used to.

4. In Texas, all kinds of people will come to your door to sell you stuff. I used to get annoyed in Knoxville when some twenty something guy would come to my door and try to sell me the News Sentinel by telling me how my subscription would help him pay for college. Here, we have had several cable/dish representatives, window blinds salesmen, and too many security system sales guys to count. After the first few people came by asking if our security alarm was activated, Clay realized that posing as a salesman would be a great way for a would be robber to learn if your house was monitored or not. So the next time, a guy came by Clay told him (in his best redneck voice), "Well I gotta a gun and two mean dogs so that's my security." Funny, we have had a security salesman since then. But, if you are really lucky, on Saturdays, you may get the chance to have a peephole installed in your front door for a mere $5. We have yet to take the guy up on this offer... Although I did buy some steaks from a door to door salesman the other day. Getting the peephole put in would have probably been a less sketchy offer for me to take...