Sick Dog, Part 2 and 3

Short and sweet: He got sick again.

After hours.


Seems fine...time will tell.

Just when I think I have hit my max out of pocket expense for our pets for a week (or year...):

Scout won't walk and is showing other signs of being ill.

$100 later: She too is fine.

Maybe I really should buy pet insurance???


One Sick Puppy....

Literally. So anyone who knows my husband knows that his one true love on this earth is not me; it is Siler. For those who do not know my husband, Siler is our dog. That's right I am secure enough to say it out loud as well as write it on my blog: I come in second to a dog. But I am kinda okay with it since the dog is as close to being a person as a dog can get.

Today, when Clay arrived home from work and went to let the big dogs out of their crate, he found the crate a complete mess. And by mess, well hopefully you don't need a graphic description because I think that would make me sick. Once out of the cage, Siler immediately threw up...which paled in comparison to what was in the crate. It is times like these that I feel bad that our two big dogs share a giant crate.

Once I arrived home, I made the decision to go ahead and go to the vet. We have been down this road before. Siler eats all kinds of things (socks, towels, the packaging that sheet sets come in, zipper and all) and then he gets sick. This time we couldn't figure out what on earth he had eaten so I though we might as well go to the vet to be on the safe side. Plus, I didn't want to risk him getting sicker and us having to go to the super expensive emergency vet.

Our super cheap vet closes early on Wednesday. As does our friends super cheap vet. Lucky us. So we ended up at the brand new vet in our neighborhood. The office is nicer than any doctor's office I have ever been in. One shot and $60 later, we were on our way home. Add this to the growing list of healthcare costs we have incurred with Siler. Apparently, he just has an upset stomach and we need to give him Pepcid AC. You know, the human medicine.

Once home, Siler played with Bear (whose name is really Sasha for those who were confused by the last post) for a little bit and seemed to be feeling somewhat better. Currently, he is sleeping. In a straight line. In the bed. In between my husband and I. With the covers pulled up to just underneath his arms. Just like I did as a small child in my parents bed after a nightmare.

Oh, and the vet told us Siler has a cataract. In each eye. I will start saving now. And maybe, go ahead and pick up pet insurance on him.


Little Meets the Bigs

I kinda think they were trying to figure out if she was a moving snack.

This one kinda looks like a dead rabbit, but I promise there were only a few attempts on her life.

Recent Cakes

As promised, here are pictures of two cakes I recently made. This first one was made for my friend Matt's 30th birthday party:

This one I made for my friend Greg's birthday and was my first attempt at a 3-D "shaped" cake. I need to work on writing on a curved surface but I was pretty happy with how it turned out:


After much searching, including sticking my hand down in between the couch pillows (Major ick!) I have finally located our camera cord!!!! I cannot tell you how very excited I am that I can finally put some pics up. I can, however, tell you where the cord was finally located.

Earlier this month, my dad brought down an old blackberry phone that I could start using since my current phone for lack of a better word stinks. I decided I didn't really like that blackberry so all of the cords and equipment were put back in the box and put up. I am not blaming any certain person for putting the cord in the box; I just know I didn't do it.


Letter to a Friend

Dear Steven,

I apologize for not updating the blog more. Life has been kinda hectic, and I just haven't found the time to write about how Siler is friends with a toad in our backyard and all the other super exciting things taking place at and around 12300 Durango Root Dr.

I apologize for there not being much content to my last few posts. I believe you can refer to the previous paragraph for the reasons as to why content has been somewhat lacking.

Finally, I would like to apologize for not putting up more pictures. As Clay often tells me, "Christy, pictures make the blog." Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful on multiple occasions in locating where I put that stupid cord that connects the camera and the computer. Today, my friend Carrie told me that she can just put her memory card from the camera directly into her computer. I thought for sure my newer Dell would have this wonderful, convenient feature, but it did not. But then I thought, Clay's mac! Aren't macs suppose to be the most brilliant, easy to use, coolest computers on the planet? Alas, Steve Jobs did not find it important to include the memory card slot on his uber-cool product. So, the search continues. But I promise to post the following pictures once the cord is found:

1. Cakes I made recently
2. The dogs meeting Scout
3. New pics of the Scout

So again, I am sorry my blog does not really meet the standard to which you aspire. I used to be an overachiever so I will try my very best to channel that personality and make this blog worthy again.


P.S. - I hope this post doesn't turn into a fight between us like that one time you made reference to me in the college newspaper and then we didn't speak when we saw one another in public...oh, and I didn't get an invite to that party. Glad we are friends again and there is no bitterness....