finally....now get off my case

so i don't feel like writing a blog post. my dad threatened to join facebook today since I am on there more often. not sure of my feelings, but my actions thought it best to do a blog post. :)

taking the easy way out and doing a list.

1. We are having a baby. if you didn't know that I am not sure you should be reading my blog.

2. today we found out that it is a BOY!!!

3. Ironic that on the day we find out we are having Jackson (that will be his name), Michael Jackson dies. Can I put that in the baby book?

4. I have been so busy lately that I have forgotten to do homework assignments. For those that knew me in high school or college, that should be a big shock.

5. We are putting hardwood floors in at the house and Clay has insisted that I blog about the process.

6. Trust me when i say #5 is a PROCESS. More details to follow....

7. Texas is HOTTTTTTTTTTTT. thank goodness we have snowcones. they make life bearable.

lots of life has been going on. I am ready for things to slow a bit, but I am learning that life doesn't ever really slow. your perspective just has to. hope this blog will lead to more and fewer weeks (okay, months) will lapse in between them.

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